Steven and Chrisis one of my favorite talk shows in Canada: the boys (as their crew affectionally refers to them),their producers,and their whole staff,really,are lovely.(That's another thing I noticed during my three-week stint as a Canadian: they use the word"lovely"a lot.I was told it's the British in some of them.) But indeed,I love going on"Steven and Chris"—the hosts are nice and very funny.No wonder theirCBCshow has been syndicated in the U.S.on theLive Well Network.

Skip ahead to the 14:25-minute mark to get right to my segment,and if you can get over the curry paste lump that resembles a turd (thanks to my friend who,after catching the episode this week on Live Well,pointed that out to me),check outmy panang curry recipeand try it at home.(Live Well tagged the recipe as Indian,but it's really a Thai dish–newbs.) You can make the curry using almost any protein and/or vegetables;it's quick,easy,and delicious—perfect for a weeknight dinner,第二天吃剩的午餐更好。

Early next year,catchFour SensesonAMIto see (and hear!) Carl and me cook up other delicious recipes.


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  1. Misty Shakleford 说:

    I love"the boys"& you as well!You are very inspiring & your food looks amazing.

  2. Olivia Poppel 说:

    I love to eat curry.My dad cooks curry during holidays.Thank you for sharing your recipe.It's time that I have to try cooking it on my own.Thanks again!!

  3. poonam 说:

    I really love to eat curry.this is amazing blog for sharing.
    thank you for sharing with us.

  4. poonam 说:

    I really love this recipe.this is amazing..
    thank you.

  5. Outsourced IT 说:

    hey,I also really love to eat curry.this is amazing!.
    thank you for sharing with us.well.

  6. poonamcbitss7 说:

    I really fall in love with this curry recipe.this is outstanding.

  7. republic 说:

    I am sure it tastes as delicious as it looks!!!

  8. I recon the title should be pursuit of perfection!Nice article.

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